The Decentralization Podcasts Protocol & Ep NFT for Creaters.

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Let’s rethink what polkacast can do

Polkacast is a podcast protocols and tools for doing more with creators


Develop an out-of-the-box podcast platform. Eps produced by podcast creators are stored in ipfs for each issue, which saves costs and increases access speed.


Dual DAO governance, every user in the PolkaCast Protocol ecosystem is part of the DAO, the composition of DAO: 'DAC' and 'DAU', DAC and DAU carry out a two-way restriction to balance the entire protocol network.

Ip Plan

Polkacast supports early creators in the form of token support, and in this way expands the influence of creators, achieves creators and increases the adhesion of the platform.

Podcather CastEdge

Use podcather as a node to increase the interaction between users, creators, and platforms, increase more trusted nodes and edge nodes, make the access faster, and provide staking rewards to participating users to incentivize the entire ecological economy.


Eps produced by podcast creators are packaged and put on the trading platform in NFT, expanding the ecology and the producer' profit model.


WebRTC realizes multiplayer online podcast recording.

Featured Polkacast

A Decentralization Podcasts Protocol
With Polkacast Dapp

A free dapp for creators,
Focus on your creation and let Polkacast take care of the rest.
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Polkacast TestFlight With Flutter dApp

Participate in the TestFlight experience,
get Cast token rewards.
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Podcather CastEdge

Ctape Staking & Uptime Mining.
Get in the future with:
curl -fsSL https://polkacast.network/*****.sh | sh


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