About Polkacast

Polkacast is a protocol network that was built and developed using Substrate, IPFS, smart contracts, and WASM technologies. Polkacast offers a high degree of community autonomy, unified network and other features.

The Team

Delos Kk

Founder & BSc Eng Programmes

Delos is a cryptocurrency serial entrepreneur, with more than 6 years of development and 2 years of market operation experience, early participants of Polkadot and defi, digital currency Holder.

In his free time Delos play Go and competes as a not-so-competitive Marathon lovers.

Yue King

CTO, Lead Developer & BSc Eng

Yue is BSc Eng ,He is a full stack developer, turning Podcather CastEdge code into usable UI/UX in Podcather's Desktop app. He maintains the code base, writes and films user tutorials and demos, and kills bugs. He is fluent in Java, Rust, Python, JavaScript, React, Electron and p2p connectivity and communication architecture.

In he free time Yue participate E-sports game and Racing car..

Etsn Fan


Etsn Decades of real estate and market sales experience.

In her free time, Etsn participate in Christian activities.

Clon Wu

Rust & BSc Eng

Clon is a full stack developer who makes everything about Polkacast work better. He has over a decade of software engineering experience, the bulk of which coming during his time at Bank. He also has deep experience in Rust, Java, C++, and other languages.

Clon almost no free time, He has been writing code.

ci Ci


Ci is proficient in UX&UI design, has her own insights and practice on user interaction, and she is also a youtuber.

In his free time, Ci learns how to conceive a video, and is a podcaster hobbyist.

Polkacast Dao

DAO is composed of: DAU + DAC.

The acronym DAO stands for Decentralized Autonomous Organization. DAO in the Polkacast protocol is made up of both DAC and DAU. Every new podcast creator is a member of the DAO, which is known here as a Decentralized Autonomous Creator (DAC).

The DAC is determined by Decentralized Autonomous Creator (DAC), which is the number of active users who have entered this DAC. If the current DAC adheres to the smart contract model, it is designated as one of the nominee DACs. At this time, the DAC will apply to become one of the nodes and stake a certain amount of CAST.

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